Cedrata Soda


Size | 6 x180ml


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Cedrata Soda



6 x180ml

  • Product Description

      Tassoni Soda Cedrata Solo Aromi Naturali 180ml

      Available in a 6 Pack or Single bottles.

      Cedrata Tassoni Soda was born in 1956, as an "evolution" of the traditional Tassoni Cedar Syrup: it is a fresh and refreshing drink born from the processing of only natural aromas extracted from the best cedars (citrus fruit).

      It has a short and clean ingredient list to ensure the naturalness of the product without the addition of artificial flavours or preservatives.

      Carbonated Water, Sugar, Acid (Citric Acid), Citron & Citrus Fruit Natural Flavourings, Colour (Tartrazine).

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