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September 06 2023 – That's Amore Cheese

Chatting with Broadsheet Melbourne Around Town

Chatting with Broadsheet Melbourne Around Town

Melbourne's That's Amore Cheese has been crafting traditional Italian cheeses for both the city's top restaurants and formaggio-loving members of the public since 2008. This year, the brand is celebrating 15 years since founder and Sicilian native Giorgio Linguanti launched That's Amore Cheese to bring the traditional cheeses of his homeland to his adopted city. Giorgio joined Around Town to talk 15 years of That's Amore, why the flavour of cheese should change seasonally and the three products he will always have in his pantry.

Giorgio's cheese journey began in Melbourne when he started working in a cheese factory. From there, he became a one-man band: producing cheese at early in the morning and delivering in the late afternoons. Bocconcini leaf was his first product and then became restaurant favourite, burrata. He was the first to start making and selling burrata in Australia, which has grown to become a staple on so many menus.

Local milk from farms is part of the magic that makes up the taste of cheese from That's Amore Cheese. In particular, buffalo milk is unique as it comes. The buffalos are crossed between three different breeds: Indian, Italian and water buffalo from the Northern Territory. This gives our milk such a unique flavour which in turn, is passed on to our buffalo milk cheese. As everything found in nature, the taste of the milks change from season to season due to so many factors and again this is reflected in the slight changes in our cheese, across all ranges.

Giorgio's essential cheeses to have in the kitchen were difficult to choose but he says: a grated cheese, ricotta, stracciatella and mozzarella, of course.

If you want to try any of our cheese, the best place to try it is right from the source: That's Amore Cheesery in Thomastown. Our customers travel here from far and wide to come visit us. We have a fully stocked deli with over 60 types of cheeses, Italian meats and other pantry goodies. The cafe is constantly churning out mountains of panini, pasta and porchetta - what could be better than this?

For the ultimate That's Amore Italian experience, come visit our cheese heaven!

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