Chatting with SBS Italiano

August 16 2023 – That's Amore Cheese

Chatting with SBS Italiano

Chatting with SBS Italiano

From advertising in Italy to cheesemaking in Australia, Giorgio Linguanti established his dairy empire in 2008 as he went from a one man operation to more than 120 employees and exports all over Asia.

Due to him not being able to speak English at the time, Giorgio started with lots of different jobs, from a fruit shop to a small cheese company. This is where he discovered his hidden talent and decided to study and improve his cheesemaking skills. He started making mozzarella at home for restaurants in Melbourne and delivered it himself every night.

In 2008 That's Amore Cheese was born and the name as Giorgio explains, "comes from the fact that we do what we do with love ('amore')." Since the beginning, "the public hugely appreciated both the originality of our products and the gourmet Italian-style cheeses, which were in big demand in Australia."

The milk in Australia is of very high quality, as it comes from cows that can graze freely in the grassland. Even the buffalo here are special as they are a cross between Italian buffalo and Indian buffalo.

That's Amore Cheese founder concluded the interview with a bold statement that might upset some Italians in Italy saying, "with all due respect for the buffalo mozzarella Aversana or the Battipaglia one, the Australian one is better and tastier!"

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