How to build a summer cheeseboard

January 21 2022 – That's Amore Cheese

How to build a summer cheeseboard

How to build a summer cheeseboard

With some hot summer days ahead of us, we've put together some of our best cheeseboard tips so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy this beautiful weather!



Starting off with the star of the show - the cheese of course! The delicate flavour of mozzarella is perfectly refreshing when paired with summer fruits. The choice is endless when choosing between mozzarella, from little mouthfuls of bocconcini to hand braided trecce to the show-stopping burrata or even buffalo mozzarella if you are after a little more depth in flavour.

Fresh cheese is also a great choice for a summer board and we recommend including a caciotta to add extra texture and shape to the mix. The mild flavour of the caciotta also pairs incredibly well with berries.



The key to a summer cheeseboard is to use what’s in season. Instead of adding in heavier condiments, we've used a good mix of refreshing fruits that we know pair well with our cheeses: grapes, berries, watermelon, kiwi fruit and stone fruit. And of course, we couldn't go past simple prosciutto-wrapped melon slices too!



This part is optional as fruits and cheese are more than enough alone, but adding a few light, crispy crackers brings some more texture and interest to the board, especially if you want to break up the sweetness of the fruits. We recommend choosing something airy instead of your typical hard, flavoured crackers.



Don't forget to keep your drinks cold and icy! A crisp glass of your favourite rosé or prosecco is the perfect pairing to top off this spread. The light, cleansing taste is ideal when sipped in between bites of summer fruits and fresh cheeses.