World Pizza Day!

February 08 2023 – That's Amore Cheese

World Pizza Day!

World Pizza Day!

Who doesn’t love pizza? We bet it would be hard to find that person that does not like it. Pizza-making seems an easy skill to master, but in reality, it’s harder than it looks. Pizza making is considered an art form, and for this very reason in 2017, the Napoli pizza-making became part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity UNESCO list.


The origin of pizza is Napoli in Italy and there were only two types of pizza: marinara and margherita. Legend says that the margherita pizza was invented in 1889 when Queen Margherita was in Naples for a holiday with her husband, King of Italy Umberto I. For the occasion, pizza maker Raffaele Esposito was commissioned to create three different pizzas, but the Queen’s favourite was the one with ingredients that resembled the Italian flag: tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil leaves. Esposito decided to call the pizza, Margherita, after her and this legend is what made the pizza so popular.


Pizza and cheese go hand in hand - you can't really have one without the other! The most used cheese for pizza is mozzarella but there are no rules when it comes to the varieties that can be used for toppings.



This popular cow's milk cheese is commonly used on pizza, which gives a milky and fresh flavour to your favourite flavour combinations.



This type of cow's milk mozzarella has a lower water content which a lot of pizza makers prefer as it makes the pizza less watery as the cheese melts. For this reason, it is one of the most popular cheeses to use on pizza.



It's the perfect cheese to literally throw on a pizza - so easy and quick!



This creamy mozzarella made from buffalo milk can be used before cooking the pizza or after, torn into delicious mouthfuls.



Spooning fresh dollops of ricotta onto a piping hot pizza allows the flavours to become creamy and richer. It can also be used as a base, spread evenly in the middle and then layered with your favourite toppings.



With the recent rise in popularity of burrata, it's being added to all sorts of dishes. Topping a pizza with some fresh burrata so it can ooze some creamy stracciatella while you eat is a mouthwatering combination.


Here at That’s Amore we are so proud of our customers and for World Pizza Day, we wanted to thank all the pizza makers and pizza shops that trust us and choose our cheese!