Cheese Lover's Guide To Burrata

March 17 2022 – That's Amore Cheese

Cheese Lover's Guide To Burrata

Cheese Lover's Guide To Burrata

Originally from Puglia, this fresh creamy cheese has gained more and more popularity in the past few years, not only in Italy but all around the world. The name originates from the Italian word 'burro' which translates to butter, to describe the creamy and milky flavour of burrata. This delicious cheese has an outer layer of mozzarella with a filling called "stracciatella", which is a mixture of mozzarella strips bathed in cream.


 Where did burrata originate?

Its story originated in the 1920s in the outskirts of the city of Andria by the Bianchini brothers, two cheesemakers, as a way to use leftovers from the mozzarella making process and the cream layer that forms on top of the morning milking.
The mozzarella pieces were stripped and mixed with the cream, creating what's now known as stracciatella and in a flash of genius the brothers decided to store this filling inside of a mozzarella casing. Little did they know that they had successfully invented something so delicious!


 How is burrata made?

Burrata making requires precise steps and it must be made by hand.
Only a few ingredients are needed to make burrata: milk, citric acid, rennet, salt and cream. Like most cheeses, you need to start by adding citric acid to cold milk, bring it to 37°C and add rennet. A curd will form and the next step is to cut the curd and drain it in a colander. Once it is drained completely, pour hot water over the curd and start stretching with two wooden spoons. At this point you are ready to shape your burrata by creating a pouch and filling it with stracciatella. Close the burrata with a knot and place it in cold water.


What is the best way to eat and use burrata?
Simple, by itself! It is so delicious and full of flavour that it doesn't need to be eaten with anything else. If you ask a Pugliese, this is probably what they will tell you. However, to honour its Mediterranean origins, it does always go well with a drizzle of good olive oil, with tomatoes or in a salad.

We have put together some simple burrata recipes:



 Planning a trip to Italy?

We know that when you think of Italy, you think of its delicious food. But there is much more to this country, such as beautiful landscapes and amazing architecture including the Castel del Monte (Unesco World Heritage Centre) located in Andria, the town that burrata originates. Salento, Alberobello and Bari are also some of the places you might want to visit. If this made you feel like you need to get on the first flight to Italy, maybe you can visit us at That's Amore Cheesery, order a burrata, and you will feel like you are halfway there!